Oncolos – Game Vision Statement

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Oncolos is a multiplayer fantasy game in which the player takes the role of one of four different races and attempts to battle an invading scourge (cancer) which is bent on the corruption and destruction of the world in which they live.

The game will blend elements of three successful games – World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Diablo II to create a unique game experience for the player.

The game will feature an initial starting lobby area similar to a town or major city in a traditional fantasy MMO like World of Warcraft.  In this town players will be able to purchase items, decorate their avatars, and organize teams for future challenges.  The view in town will be a standard 1st person/3rd person view similar to that of most fantasy MMO games.  Players can purchase both useful and vanity items for their game world avatars, craft items for future use, and show them off.

Once the player’s avatar is outside of town, it will change to one more similar to that of a character in Diablo II or League of Legends.  The camera in the instance will be a trailing 3rd person viewpoint and that avatar will enter a large instance map that will blend elements of Diablo II and League of Legends.  Once in the instance the player will engage in a series of quests, obtaining points and loot to be used to improve the avatar and achieve new levels.

Each race will have some very strong native abilities, but the player can use those abilities as a complement or an extension of their chosen class.  So, while leukos will have the ability to heal themselves and others, players can choose to use that ability to create a very powerful focused team healer, or give a warrior the ability to solo and deal with damage incurred along the way.  As a general rule player specialization based on race will produce the most focused character, cross specialization will create the most balanced characters.

The player HUD will use colorful and distinctive icons for rapid selection of attacks and defenses, and the general GUI screens will be based on a complementary theme for each race while allowing for all the standard player actions based on the race and occupation chosen.  There will be character development trees for each occupation and talent trees for racial abilities.

The game will be strictly player vs. environment.  There will be no dueling or player vs. player modes.  The four races will operate in a cooperative mode.  However, some of the more powerful “spells” they wield can have detrimental effects on the other races so elements of strategy will be required in their use.  These effects will never be allowed to permit players to “grief” the system.

Players will be allowed to repeat the same game area at higher levels to improve their point scores, and gain additional loot.

The game is intended to be played by persons aged from 7 to adult. They will confront a variety of different “monsters” in the game including viruses, bacteria, and of course, cancer cells.

The playing area will comprise the interior of various parts of the body, however, like the character races and the “monsters” they fight, all the elements will be stylized to reduce the direct connection to the actual human body.

The choice of race names, monster names, and locations are all intended to help the “patient players” visualize the confrontation and defeat of cancer cells in the body.  All players should also be able to engage in the fantasy of the game without the indirect references getting in the way of their enjoyment.

Special particle effects for combat, interesting weapons, and spells will all be available to make for a lively battle.  Recognized as a legendary hero form the beginning of the game, the player will be given a special lifestone necklace that will prevent the player from dying, teleporting the player to a healing zone at the point where the player would be defeated.

Players will not lose any goods or points for dying.  The only penalty for loss is time spent.  In the game, the player can never “lose” a fight, only be forced to retreat.   This will allow younger players to team with older players without fear of repeated deaths causing issues.

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