Can I have your vote for a bunch of empty promises?

As a registered independent I’m getting a lot of phone calls right now – as you can imagine.  Even though I am not in anything remotely resembling a battleground state.  The phone rings with both Democrats and Republicans seeking my vote.  Usually I’m pretty quiet about who I vote for and why, but this year I think I would like to say a few things.

I have pointed out my feeling on the Republican theme of “helping the wealth creators” in a different post.  But after carefully looking at the rest of the Republican platform and promises I can say one thing.


I have worked in the computer industry for a long, long time, and one thing you learn to recognize when dealing with new product offerings is how to spot vaporware. And, plain and simple the Republican platform is vaporware.  It will not work, and it is filled with vague promises that cannot be kept. It shows no fiscal responsibility, nor any understanding of the depth of our economic problems.  It is a advertising campaign focused on saying that things are tough and the guy who is fixing them isn’t doing it fast enough.

The policies that put us in this mess are primarily the result of the previous Republican administration spending money it didn’t have, removing regulations on companies that then gouged our country for billions of dollars, and then going to those same companies and saying, put a trillion dollars into our Super Pack and we will keep the gravy train rolling.

With all the money that has been poured into the Republican Super Pack you could probably fund all the social saftey net programs that the Republicans say they want to cut for the next decade. Bit it doesn’t end there…

Mr. Romney says he wants to strengthen our military, and his Republican colleagues actually tried to appropriate MORE money for the military than they asked for!  And what does he plan on doing with all that extra military spending?  The previous Republican administration went into a foreign country based on bad intelligence and mired us in a war that cost us thousands of lives, and billions of dollars before we got out.  And the guy they were after was in a completely different country!

Mr Romney says he has a plan to create 12 million new jobs for Americans.  He will not reveal the details of his incredible job creation plan. I would like to suggest that his plan is really, really simple.

He is going to reintroduce compulsory military service, for both men and women.  In simple words – he’s going to bring back the draft folks.  He’s going to dump billions into military spending, he’s going to stimulate the economy by making guns, uniforms, tanks, warships, and jet planes.  And when he is finished creating his new bright shiny army,  He’s going to threaten to use it on Syria and Iran.

Now maybe you think it would be great to send your sons and daughters over to Iran, and Syria.  Maybe you think it would be good to sacrifice all our progress in rebuilding the infrastructure of this country to support a 21st century economy and let us become a third world nation.  Maybe you would like to see the poor and the lower income classes drift into true poverty, and watch as the crime rates across the country soar when people go into the streets to loot for food, clothing and basic necessities for their families. Not me.

Yes I am aware that the unemployment rate is high.  I am also aware that major corporations are keeping it high by not hiring to see if they can tip the election in favor of the man who will give them carte blanche to ride roughshod over our democracy.

I would rather see four more years of a dead stalemate in Congress than see what this country will become if the Republicans give it to the major corporations to run (or should I say loot?).

But I don’t think that is what will happen.  All the economic indicators say that the country is improving in spite of corporate efforts to slow progress.  And the Republicans would like to prey on that turnaround and claim it for there own, even as they sabotage it for the future with more fiscal irresponsibility.

So, for this year.  It is no to EVERY Republican.  When they get back to a fiscally responsible moderate platform I will consider giving them back my vote.  But the nonsense they are spewing now is just like watching Big Time Wrestling – it’s an entertaining spectacle… but it isn’t real.