Writing Progress

Well I have not progressed as much as I had planned to, but in spite of the entanglements of Deb’s passing I have still completed two more chapters of my novel.  Things have settled a bit and I hope to be able to do more, but there are a number of other tasks still vying for my attention.

At this moment I should be coming back from the Arisia convention in Boston, but my car had other ideas.  I’ve been given a warning about the water pump needing replacement – a task I need to take care of in the coming weeks, especially since I will also be resuming teaching college at Bristol in just a few days.

I like the way the story itself is going.  The characters seem to be doing what they think is best, and the arc of the story seems to be staying on the general outline I had envisioned.  With luck I should be past the first major section in about four more chapters.

Life continues.