First Draft of Novel Finished

Well, it has been just slightly less than a year since I set out to finish the sci-fi novel.  It was a pretty tough haul.  But in the end I got it done.  A least the first draft is done.  Along the way I also finished two short stories which have been accepted for publication and started rewrites on a half dozen more that were shoved in the closet.

I’ll let it rest for a day, then do a brief edit for typos and stupid grammar mistakes. Next I will turn it over to my new proofreader, Daphne, and a group of persons who will review it for mistakes, inconsistencies, and dull spots.  I’ll give them two weeks for feedback,  Then I will read all their suggestions and begin the polish rewrite.

If I can stick to the schedule, it should be completed by the end of February.  I have the glimmerings of a sequel in mind.  However, I also have three other books in various stages of completeness vying for my attention.

I think it might be a good idea to post more frequently on this site as well, especially since I’m paying for it.  I might even drop a sample or two in here for people to look at.  Seems reasonable to me for people to get an idea what I’m writing, especially since I’d like them to eventually buy it.

So, for this year, there will be more focus on writing and on my software consulting and dance businesses.  I have a couple of projects that should end this year and I hope to handoff a couple of things to people who are waiting for me to finish up.

But those are topics for other posts… this one is done.