The Gears Were Turning This Week!

So much accomplished this week!

Finished the first draft of my next short story.  Now it sits for three days before I start the rewrite/edit.

And, I also finished the outline for my next novel.  As promised last post it is a steampunk adventure story, and if it works as expected it will combine a rousing good yarn with the basics of my role-playing game.  That is, what happens in the book could happen  in the game, especially if the players were seriously into the role-playing and the DM had fed them the right information about their characters beforehand.  I’m trying to make it read more like a novel and less like a journal of a DM’s die rolls.  Which is pretty easy, because I’m not rolling anything.  Just telling the story while making sure that the things that do happen are reasonably possible in the game.  So, no deus ex machina, and no double zero die rolls!

I’m also looking at some short stories I can post up on this site, and working on a couple of ideas for novella sized fiction that could be published through Amazon for 99 cents.  It’s kind of interesting.  I was looking at the approximate size of the “novella sized” books that they have now for 99 cents and they seem pretty much the size of the old paperback books before some publisher decided that fantasy and science fiction novels must be 400 page long tomes in a 12 volume series.

Don’t get me wrong — I like a good series.  But, I don’t think every book should be a series.  I like the continuity of a good background setting.  However, I don’t need my hero/heroine to keep getting dragged back through all kinds of hell, book after book, until you have to kill them off just so you can drag their children through varieties of the same old nonsense.

Sometimes the good guys should get the happy ending they earned.





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