New short story and helping to raise money for Deb Nash Memorial Dance Scholarship Fund

Submitted another short story for review this week.  Which means the writing decks are now clear to begin editing the novel.  I have gotten a lot of good feedback and I expect it to actually increase in size as I fill in more background on the characters, environment, and beef up the battle scenes.

In other news, Dance Alliance has completed their first year managing the Deb Nash Memorial Scholarship Fund.  They set it up in 2012 in her name to assist people of all ages who wish to use dance to improve their lives in meaningful ways.  I thought I would cheat and throw a copy of the letter in here for all the people who didn’t know about the Fund and what it is doing.  And maybe give them a shot at picking up a few more dollars for the coming year.  So here it is…


Dear Friends of Deb Nash,

It is hard to believe that a year has gone by since Deb’s passing. She believed that dance can enlighten, entertain, energize, and elevate both the dancer and audience. Her dream was to enable people – all people – who wanted to learn dance to achieve those goals. For this reason Dance Alliance established a fund in her name.

We at the scholarship fund are writing to let you know that donations in her memory are working towards that dream.

This year’s candidates include two brothers who are on the autism spectrum. Their mother finds that dance is a way to get them to focus and interact with others on a person to person level. We are working with Kerri Petersen Weaver, a dance educator and certified instructor for such cases, to find a safe space to hold the classes.

We have also received an application from a young woman at J M Walsh High School in Pawtucket, RI. She is dancing every day to build on her basic knowledge, dances in school productions and needs to continue to strengthen her dance background in order to fill her childhood dream of becoming more proficient as a dancer. She sees how dance can be a part of her life and wants to take more intensive dance classes to build the skills and knowledge to go to work with the people in the community.

These are just two examples of the kinds of people who are being reached by the fund. There are others in the queue and so we must watch our balances carefully.

I do think Deb would be smiling now.

Please help us to share more with the people of Rhode Island by increasing our fund. Dance Alliance is a 501C3 organization and all donations are fully tax deductible. Make your check payable to the Dance Alliance Scholarship Fund and mail it to PO Box 372, East Greenwich, RI 02818.

Please give generously. Let’s keep Deb’s dream alive.


DA Scholarship Committee                                                 David Dougher, Honorary Chair









Game and Writing Announcements for Easter

Yay! Announcements on game development, and writing progress.

Seems like a good day to announce that I have decided to “resurrect” my game company.

My plan going forward is to return to the early days where I worked on the kinds of games I like to build, and play. The first ones will be simple fun titles while I build up my skill set to current standards. As I get more time (and perhaps hire more talent) I’ll expand to doing more complex titles. I have licenses to several game engines. So, I can pick and choose which engine will get me get the game I’m interested in making with the least amount of additional effort.

Expect to see a new website for the Pariah Games in the coming weeks. The old one served me well when I was promoting the work of budding high school students, but I think a face lift is in order going forward.

On the writing front I am happy to announce that after about 40 years I have returned to the ranks of the published authors.

Interestingly, the first thing that got to print this time was a poem, written under my own name. I write fiction under the name David Nash to make it easier to find on the bookshelves. I write non-fiction under my own name because you are generally looking for the information and not the author.

Anyway, although two short fiction pieces were accepted before the poem, it got to print first. The fiction pieces should be coming out soon and I’ll plug them when they are published.

The book, which contains poetry, stories, and reflections is called “Valley of Ice” and is published by Collins Press. It is available in paper and electronic forms.

ISBN’s are:
ISBN-13: 978-1495989353
ISBN-10: 1495989356

Website is:

Finally, I have gotten back enough feedback from my initial readers that I can begin the final edits on the sci-fi novel. With a little effort it should be ready sometime in May. I’ll let people know a bit more about it as the time draws near.

I got a lot of useful feedback, some great suggestions, and a couple of requests to start on the sequel right away.

I have a couple other writing projects in front of it, but I do have a sequel in mind. We’ll have to see how the public likes the first one.

That’s it for now. Hope you all have a happy, quiet and pleasant holiday.