Editing underway!

Well, it’s going to be a busy week.  I’m trying to fix a rather complicated bug in a consulting project I’ve been hired to do and still retain enough focus to be able to do a decent job of editing on the chapters of my novel.

I’m thinking it will require two editing passes.  The first pass will go from front to back to add all the requested material from the editors (I want to know what she looks like!  Where are they now?  What does the cafeteria look like?”) and to fix a couple of nagging issues (“If they are soooo smart how come they don’t do…”)  After filling in all the requests the second pass will go from back to front to tighten up the sentences, put more stuff in active tense, make the language a bit more interesting.  You know the drill.

After that exercise it will go to the publisher who will loose the grammar and punctuation hounds on it.  I do have a tool to help me with that a bit, but sometimes the best solution to a sticky grammar issue is not correct punctuation, but a keen eye saying, “Rewrite it like this…”

Always room to learn more.  Looking forward to it.

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