The editing goes on

Always thought the editing part of the novel would go pretty quickly. A couple of typos, some additional content, add some character descriptions, correct a couple of inconsistencies and I’d be ready to roll.

Yeah, right.

Well, I got a great book on editing, some good tools, and started to seriously polish my first draft. I discovered I’m managing about two chapters a day.

I do a chapter, eat an aspirin, take a nap, eat some dinner, and work until the second chapter is done.  In the morning I reread the two chapters I just did, find three more things to fix, and then repeat the process. At this rate I should be done by the end of June instead of May.

I’d feel bad, but the story actually does read a lot better. It spends less time telling you what happened and does a better job of putting you in the action.  On the bright side, the heaviest edits are in the first chapters.  Once the story gets rolling it shifts into more dialog and the pace is smoother.

Note to future self.  “You could reduce the editing a lot if you would stop using so many conditional sentences and connective phrases.” (Like that one.)  Try,  “Reduce editing by avoiding conditional sentences.” or even better, “Avoid conditional sentences.”  And the best?  “Active tense, No fillers.”  Do that from the beginning and the editing would be a lot faster.

And now, back to the story…

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