Book Layout Completed – Cover to go

Well the layout for my novel, Hayden’s War, is completed and edited. The next piece will be the cover design. Contacted a friend to see if they have time to handle that. Otherwise I’ll get a chance to play with my meager Photoshop skills. Know exactly what I want it to look like which is a big plus.

Next post here should be a sample of the story for people to read.  I’m thinking of the first few sections slightly less than the first quarter.  Should be enough for people to get a reasonable feeling for the story.

I will be giving away some full copies as we get near the actual release date, so if you like what you read be sure to post and I’ll contact you for a freebie! The catch is you have to post a review to Amazon or to your Facebook account.

Like it or hate it is fine by me, (although I hope you like it) just as long as you do a fair review.

Hope everyone had a fun 4th of July in spite of the crazy weather.

I’m now working on the next novel.  A steampunk adventure!  It will have just about everything, action, adventure, romance, mystery, and even time travel!

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