First book printing is done!

Well the first book is now out in paperback.  As I may have mentioned I write all my fiction under the name David Nash to make it easier for people to find it on bookshelves.  I have also set up a website — where I am going to cover all the fiction work I do.  You can jump over there now to see the new website and get links to the book and even to the earlier short stories I wrote for Tales of Isgalduin.

I’m also doing a David Nash Facebook page.  I did one before, but messed it up so it needs to be redone.  I’m sure that before everything is completed there will be a David Nash Twitter account and a David Nash Pinterest page as well.

I may end up with a split personality.

Considering how frequently l forget to update this site I have also decided to actually join a blogging group to help keep me on track.  So, in the future I expect to make more regular postings on this and the David Nash site.

Anyway, what are you waiting for?  Jump on over to and take a look at the first book.  Laci Willette did a great job on the cover and you can read an excerpt from the Amazon link to the book.  It’s available for Kindle and can be ordered from both Barnes and Noble as well as