Current Events I’m planning to attend

Frankly, I’m swamped with writing and marketing.  So I’m not planning on going very far from home this month.

I do teach a group class at Ocean State Health and Fitness on Thursday evenings at 7:30 for those who would like to start or improve their dancing.  Or, you can schedule a private lesson.  I’m in the phone book.  Or link to and check out Movable Feet on the left side column.

I try to get out at least once a week to go dancing.  Favorite places are the Knickerbocker in Westerly for Swing, K&S dances for ballroom (a bit more rarely), and I like to pop into other places from time to time.

As far as food reviews go, I have several on the Yelp site that I will be transferring and expanding on this month and I hope to add a few more as I go.  Current favorites for breakfast based on where you are…

  • East Greenwich area – Jiggers is first choice, Dante’s or Crosby’s if Jiggers is closed (like Tuesdays).  Ed’s Roost is excellent too (but it is cash only)
  • Narragansett area – Crazy Burger
  • Exeter – Celestial Cafe ( weekend brunch)
  • Westerly area – The Cooked Goose  (check for their winter vacation shutdown)

There are many more, but these are among my favorites.

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