Food Review – Jiggers Diner

Jigger’s Diner

145 Main St
East Greenwich, RI 02818


Jiggers is a dining car restaurant located on Main Street in downtown East Greenwich. They serve breakfast all day, except Tuesday’s when they are closed.

The car is small, but well designed. There is a long counter area so if you are alone or with a group that doesn’t want or need a booth, that might be your best bet on a busy day.

Even in the off-season Jiggers draws a respectable crowd at all times of the week. In season, on a nice day, expect to find the place easily by the line waiting to get in.

The waitstaff is happy, friendly and knowledgeable. The portions are generous and are freshly made. Expect to wait a bit since the cooking area is small and everything is made by hand. I was surprised that, in spite of the wait time for meals for myself and two guests, all the food arrived together, and all of it was properly prepared and still warm. Kudos to the cooks in the back.

The restaurant is not handicap accessible. Not their fault; they are closed in by businesses and there simply isn’t room for a ramp.

The prices are reasonable and the menu has a number of interesting choices if you want to try something a little bit off the beaten path.

For example, I found the Salmon and Avocado Florentine Benedict to be absolutely delicious. A combination of flavors blended surprisingly well and just the right amount of capers on the Hollandaise sauce added a bit of tang without distracting.

Would I eat there again? At least once a week if I can.

For me it’s a long drive… and it’s worth it.
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