Food Review – The Cooked Goose

The Cooked Goose

92 Watch Hill Rd
Westerly, RI 02891


The Cooked Goose is one of the prides of Westerly Restaurant lovers. Located near the water is has both indoor and outdoor dining. Parking is a bit tricky but there is ample room in the back once you negotiate the narrow road or angled driveway.
The interior is lovely with a large stone fireplace and comfortable large chairs or more traditional tables and chairs inside and out. The staff was prompt and courteous. We were seated quickly and menus arrived within moments.

I noticed a mixture of locals and tourists and a smattering of business suits and beachwear.

The open layout keeps this from being a particularly romantic dining experience, but sitting near the fireplace after a blustery morning out on the water would be really pleasant.

I was surprised by the flavor and texture combinations. My favorite was a salmon Benedict with hash browns substituting for the traditional English muffin or bolo. Coffee was also very good, and it’s not something I usually notice unless it is very good (or very bad).

Like most restaurants located in toruist areas there are glass cases with things to buy to remember the trip, and a rather large selection of dessert items, pastries, and some of that delicious coffee to go.

The Cooked Goose is for breakfast and brunch and runs year round, (although there is a several week break near the beginning of the year – call before you drive out.)

It is definitely worth the drive to find it.

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