Food Review – Dante’s Kitchen

Dante’s Kitchen

315 Main St
East Greenwich, RI 02818

Dante’s Kitchen is located a fair distance down Main Street in East Greenwich. The food is very good and well prepared, but the menu is a bit sparse for choices. There are specials on a chalk board which add to the choices, but usually there are only two or three.

The thing that stands out about Dante’s is the quality of the food itself. Even a simple meal like scrambled eggs and bacon is tasty. Many restaurants that serve simple fare frankly taste little better than cardboard. Dante’s is a clear exception to this rule.

The dishes that are offered are interesting. I recently tried their burrito breakfast and I was very pleasantly surprised.

Alcohol is served and Mimosa’s and Bloody Mary’s can make for a more upscale meal.

The waitresses are friendly, and quick.

The place is small, a few tables of different sizes and an even smaller bar with a half dozen seats. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxed. This would be a good place for a small meeting, or an intimate breakfast in a corner by the windows. There is a large TV above the bar which can distract, but the sound is usually kept low.

No handicap access due to steep steps and a narrow door. No place for any animals either, although at one point in the late fall I did see some tables outside.

A pleasant dining experience for a reasonable price.

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