Food Review – Crosby’s Cafe

Crosby’s Cafe

431 Main St
East Greenwich, RI 02818

Crosby’s Cafe is a relative newcomer to the Town of East Greenwich. Located further down main street than most of the older restaurants, it has a small parking area as well as the traditional on street parking.

The place is small, with only about six or seven tables. There is a ramp to the front door, but it would be a tight squeeze for a wheelchair and little room to maneuver once inside. The restaurant does not claim to be animal friendly, but there is dining outside which makes for a possibility of handicapped access and a well trained pet.

The menu consists of traditional breakfast and lunch fare, but there is also a large white board inside offering a number of interesting choices that can vary from week to week.
I found the atmosphere to be much like a typical diner, with friendly waitresses and cooks, a jovial atmosphere and a desire to make you a repeat customer.

This is not fine dining or haute cuisine. It is solid fare, quickly prepared. Expect to find mostly locals, and solid folk. Portions are reasonable, and your coffee cup will normally be filled as fast as you drain it. The TV in the corner is a bit of a distraction, I certainly wouldn’t pick it for a first date. But it would be a great place to meet a few friends for some solid food and a quiet atmosphere to discuss friendly topics.

I like to try the different choices that pop up on the white board as specials, and I applaud the cook for trying new things on a regular basis. It would be easy to slide into a much smaller average menu. Instead he is willing to stretch a bit, which makes the dining a bit more fun.

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