Rant – The Global Warming Game

I haven’t done a rant in a while, and I have several stacked up.  Think I’ll take one out to break the monotony.

Let’s play a game.

You go to the doctor and he tells you that your child has a dangerous heart condition and they need to have a heart transplant. It will cost $100,000.00. And they need it pretty soon or they will die. You are scared by the prospect of them dying, but you say to yourself, “They look pretty good.” In addition, you are really scared by the size of the bill. Now, you have insurance so some of the bill will be paid for by your insurance company, but you will still have to pay a lot.

Being a smart person, you go to another doctor for a second opinion. He looks at all the evidence from the first doctor. He runs some additional tests. And then he says pretty much the same thing. You are a bit depressed, but you think you probably need to do something. So you notify your insurance company.

And your insurance company tells you that they want you to go to their doctor. So you do. And their doctor, after a cursory exam, frowns at the tests the other doctors ran and says, “Oh no, it’s just a pulled muscle – you’ll be fine.”

A bit confused by the radically different diagnosis you decide you really want to check this out. You don’t want to put your child through unnecessary suffering and you don’t want to face that huge bill. So you begin going to doctors and specialists all over the country, then all over the world. Out of the 100 doctors (including specialists) you go to, 97 say your child has a bad heart and needs a transplant.

Only three say your child is fine. Interestingly, all of them are doctors that work for the insurance company that will have to pay lots of money if you get the surgery.

Now, do you get the surgery for your child?

Think you got the right answer? Good!

Now, let’s change the scene. I’ll make this a bit quicker for you. 97 out of every 100 climatologists – world-wide – paleoclimatologists, climate scientists, hydroclimatologists, polar ecologists, environmental analytical chemists, marine environmental scientists, and more, say that global warming is real, that we are causing it, and that it is going to kill us if we don’t stop polluting the atmosphere. The other 3 percent are in the employ of big businesses who are polluting the atmosphere.  They say it’s not real.

Now, should we do something about global warming?

Oh yes, do you also know politicians who say it’s not real? Guess who funds their election campaigns? And let’s face it, asking a politician about whether or not global warming is real is like asking a ice cream vendor if you should get surgery for your child. They don’t know.

Politicians have to depend on scientists to tell them the truth about global warming. And those scientists – from all over the world – say it’s real.  Except, when they get scientists from big business polluters who say it isn’t, and back that statement with million dollar donations to their campaigns.

So, who is more likely conning you? Is it the big businesses who have billions of dollars on the line if they have to pay to clean up their act, or the vast majority of scientists who have no monetary interest in the outcome?

So, for those of you who think there is a big con going on – you are absolutely right.

But, you are just being fooled about who IS conning you.


ps. Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel for giving me the names of some of the different branches of science which have been studying this issue for decades.

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