Breakfast Reviews

For the past several months I have been doing reviews of the places I like to go for breakfast.  Like all good things I was bound to run out.  It’s not that there aren’t other excellent places for breakfast in the South County area.  It’s simply that these are all the ones I normally go to.

So, I have to make a choice.  I can move on to doing other kinds of food reviews – lunch, brunch, dinner. I could expand to a wider area – which would involve a lot of extra driving.  I could ask you for places that I haven’t tried and then go there.  Or I could simply stop here.

It has been fun, but I wouldn’t want to continue by recommending places I don’t think people would like.  And I don’t think you or I would get much out of dissing a restaurant in a review.  That’s not what I am about.

So, for this week, no recommendations.

I’m open to suggestions.  Got a place you would like me to try?  Think I should shift to lunch or dinner reviews?  Time to retire?  Speak up.  I’ll announce the decision next week.


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