Just the FAQs please…

Lots of News!

First, I have added a FAQ section to the Kickstarter front page. It addresses some of the more frequently added questions so far.  You can find it here.


Second, work has started on bringing basic artwork from the Ryzom art release and various Game Packs to the Hero Cloud world.  I’ll be posting up a couple of progress pictures soon.

Third, Word about the game is spreading!

Thanks to those who are taking the time to tell their friends and family about this project.  However, I must ask that you respect the rules set out by the Kickstarter people.  Please do not anonymously spam the planet about the game in emails or Twitter.  It violates the Kickstarter rules, it makes them look bad and it makes us look very unprofessional.

Remember, we want to bring this game to a hospital bed.  Having an unprofessional reputation reduces our chances in the future of building that link.

Spread the word, but don’t pollute the net.

Finally, we have a long way to go to reach our goal, but every day we reach more people and we raise more money.  Our average contribution amount is nearly four times that of the average Kickstarter.  So we may be growing a bit slowly, but people are serious about contributing.  So, a special Thank you for your generous support.

Day 3 – An interesting business card to hand out

First of all the Kickstarter link so people can get there quickly…


Today I created some special business cards to hand out to make it easier for people to find the Kickstarter and find out about Oncolos.  Pretty easy work actually.  Started with the picture I liked, did a bit of trimming, hunted up a couple of decent fonts, and tried to keep the message simple.  I made about four different versions to get one I liked.

One issue with Kickstarter is that the link name is so long that people can’t put it in easily.  So I am sending people to this website and keeping the link on the front page to make it easy for them to get there.

I was afraid that the detail in the picture would not come out, but it shows up fine on the actual cards.

I plan on handing these out to folks who want more information but aren’t near a computer.  Always a good idea to have a direct way to promote your product.

A multiplayer game where you fight cancer

A strange and beautiful land under seige by a relentless foe