First Draft of Steampunk Novel is Complete!

Beat the NaNoWriMo deadline by 24 hours to finish my second novel.  Later this week I’ll collect some of the fun rewards from that writing effort.  But for now, the story goes on two week layover before I begin the first round of edits.

The new novel is steampunk with romance, time travel, a murder mystery, and action adventure.  So I probably have most of the major things covered. Had a lot of fun writing it, even though it was a tough deadline.  I got started a week late because I was cleaning up issues in the first book.

The first novel is currently waiting on a new cover.  My bad.  I recruited the artist far too late.  However, I have every confidence in her ability and I’m making sure that she has a lot more lead time on this next one.

I will begin outlining the third book later this week. It will be a book on getting more fun and productivity out of your time written under my name.  I write non-fiction under my own name because people search for it by topic more than by author name.  For fiction I use David Nash because it is easy to remember.

Also in the works is a collection of short horror stories set in southern Rhode Island by several different authors. (Can’t let Providence have all horror fun!)  I’m putting together a common background for use.  The book will be published by Collins Publishing, the people who are also handling my first novel (and hopefully my second as well.)  I find they have generous terms and also deal with the electronic editions.  If anyone is interested in doing a short story for the horror series you can contact me for the background piece when it is done.  I’ll review stories for consistency with the background but, of course the publisher will get final say on which stories go into the book.

This will likely become a series.  And I’d like to go the Thieves World route, that is you can use each others characters – as long as you don’t kill them, maim them, or take them out of their designer’s context.  (I.e. portray the heroic barbarian as a lying coward).  Anyway, that would not take place until the second book and most writers of horror I know are lucky to have a character alive and sane at the end of their stories.

So, August should be a busy month.  Looking forward to it.

Progress on the new novel

Well, made a bit of a push this week and finished the first section of my new novel.  Since it also happens to lay most of the groundwork for the tale it means I have also passed the halfway point in the story.  Yay!

I have sent it to several persons for review and I hope to get responses, good and bad, in the future, but I need to keep writing.  Interestingly, I find starting the next section in many ways as difficult in getting started on the book in the first place.

A few of the characters have strayed a bit from how I initially envisioned them acting.  Characters do that sometimes.  The overall plot is still moving in the right direction, but I can see that some sections will have to change – a lot.

Still, it is a lot of fun doing a story where you let the characters wander through their own lives in a world where major events are happening and they are actually influencing them.

As I get closer to the end and have a chance to polish the opening I think I’ll see about posting up the first couple of chapters here so people can see if it is something they might want to read or pass on to a friend.